Glenn F. Knoll Open

Unbeknownst to most people, Prof. Knoll was an amazing athlete and he enjoyed showcasing it.  In his early years, he dominated the softball diamond, and then moved to racketball where he graciously devastated students and faculty alike with his agility and athleticism.  With accumulating wear on joints, he migrated to golf where his massive wrists and upper body strength enabled him to drive the ball into outer space.  Being so gregarious, he off-handedly suggested we might have a Measurements golf outing during the summer.  But whenever Prof. Knoll “suggested”, it was an imperial order to be followed.    The first couple of years, it was just the staff of the reactor and Prof. Knoll’s and my students and colleagues, along with a mobile beer cart that constantly ferried between us.  We quickly learned to team Prof. Knoll with the newbies to even the odds, but everyone always liked to watch his prowess (and Scott Wilderman and Shannon Thomas).  And we jockeyed and pressured the poor graduate student tasked with setting up teams to be with Prof. Knoll or Scott.  The popularity of the event soon grew to encompass anyone who enjoyed the friendly camaraderie of a fun nuclear-oriented group outing, but many of us will always remember his jovial encouragement as he led his troops off the first tee. 

 – Prof. David Wehe

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We would like to thank all the sponsors, past and present, for their strong support and making this event possible every year:

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