Jason Jaworski



Jason Jarowski

Graduate student

E-mail: jasonjaw@umich.edu


Graduated with Ph.D.

Jason has developed motion compensating Compton image reconstructions for use in joint project with GE.  He has implemented 3D spatial reconstructions for both near- and far-field Compton imaging. He was involved in the development of the imaging software for the Polaris detector array.

Jason is currently working on directional isotope detection algorithms for the joint GE project. In this project, moving objects, e.g. cars or people, are tracked using a camera targeting system. Motion compensating imaging algorithms are used to enhance the detection capability of moving sources.
He is also working on 3D reconstructions that use moving detectors or multiple stationary detectors to map out the radiation field in any given space. Further development will lead to sensor network type reconstructions where a combination of many stationary and/or moving detectors work together to localize and identify radiation sources.