Matthew Petryk

Matthew Petryk

Graduate Student

E-mail: [email protected]

PhD Candidate

Matthew joined the group in September 2017. His research focuses on interaction position reconstruction in 3D CdZnTe detectors, and systems development for a next-generation ASIC integrating digital filtering and waveform processing.  He also works on 3D sensitive perovskite-based radiation detectors.  He enjoys occasional trips out to the upper peninsula.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics, Binghamton University, 2017

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Binghamton University, 2017


SURP at Brookhaven National Laboratory with the Radiation Detector Group (2011 – 2012)

Independent study at BNL with the Radiation Detector Group (2013)

SULI at BNL with the Radiation Detector Group (2014, 2016)