Yvan A. Boucher


Yvan A. Boucher

Graduate Student

E-mail: [email protected]



Andy is a post-doctoral research fellow who previously earned his Ph.D. from the Orion group in March, 2013. Andy’s Ph.D. research focused on the study of large-volume CdZnTe detectors that employ a steering grid. These detectors have been used in the Polaris system and will be continued to be used in future CdZnTe-based systems. Andy studied the energy resolution and non-linearity as a function of energy deposited in the detector, as well as the charge transport properties of the detectors. He lead the effort to characterize the first batch of 175 of these detectors delivered by Redlen Technologies, Inc.

Recently, Andy has joined the team working on the digital ASIC system. He designed and built the first portable system based on the digital ASIC readout.


Bachelors of Science in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan 2008