Author: Daniel Shy

We left the Shanghai hotel promptly at 7:00 AM and made our way to the Hangzhou-bound express train. The majority of the group had breakfast on the train that consisted of noodle soup. After arriving at Hangzhou, we were picked up at the train station by the tour guide and began navigating Continue Reading »

Yellow Mountain

Author: Michael Streicher

I am both excited and disappointed to write this article about our trip to Yellow Mountain (Huangshan to the locals). Excited because it was the best part of our trip; disappointed because neither words nor pictures can capture the majesty of the site.

We woke at the hotel to a breakfast hodgepodge Continue Reading »

Summer Palace

Author: Steven Brown

We began our day early with a walk along the tree-lined streets of the beautiful Tsinghua university campus. The rising sun lit up the foliage and revealed clear blue skies that persisted throughout our day trip. Just two subway stops beyond the university’s west gate and down a few bustling Beijing streets, Continue Reading »