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Category: China 2016

Tsinghua University Research Laboratories, Sohu and Beijing University

Author: James Berry

On the morning of Friday, May 6th we left the guest hotel at Tsinghua University and walked across campus to visit the Department of Engineering Physics. We first visited a classroom where undergraduate students were working on electronic design projects. We watched a presentation which discussed the value of electronic design for Continue Reading »


Author: Daniel Shy

We left the Shanghai hotel promptly at 7:00 AM and made our way to the Hangzhou-bound express train. The majority of the group had breakfast on the train that consisted of noodle soup. After arriving at Hangzhou, we were picked up at the train station by the tour guide and began navigating

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Forbidden City, Jing-Shan Park, Bei-Hai Park and Zhong-Shan Park

Author: Jiawei Xia

The visit to Forbidden City made up most of the trip on May 4th. The Forbidden City has a rectangular shape, with an area of 720000 m2. The whole construction of the city started from over six hundred years ago. It is said there are a total of 9999 houses Continue Reading »

Qinshan Nuclear Power Base and Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Author: Bennett Williams

During the stay in Shanghai, the group visited the birth place of nuclear power in China, Qinshan Nuclear Power Base. At first glance, the power plant facility resembles that of a typical United States plant; the characteristic, towering containment buildings were visible from blocks away, turbine buildings line the coast, and transmission

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Yellow Mountain

Author: Michael Streicher

I am both excited and disappointed to write this article about our trip to Yellow Mountain (Huangshan to the locals). Excited because it was the best part of our trip; disappointed because neither words nor pictures can capture the majesty of the site.

We woke at the hotel to a breakfast hodgepodge

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High-Speed Train to Shanghai

Author: Niral Shah

Our day started off like any other in Beijing with a bright and early breakfast at the Tsinghua University hotel, but unlike other days, this day was special as it was our last in Beijing. With heavy hearts and full bellies, we piled into a Tsinghua bus with our luggage to take

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High Energy Physics Institute and China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

Author: Yuefeng Zhu

Today’s trip started with a pleasant weather. Blue skies and golden sunshine reminded people of southern California. After the breakfast in the early morning, we took a short ride on Tsinghua’s bus to the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP). Prof. Wang, a famous scholar in astrophysics and a friend of Prof

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National Stadium and Yong-He Temple

Author: Jiyang Chu

Although it was rainy today, we started our trip quite early in the morning with positive expectation. Two students from Tsinghua University, Yilin Liu and Chengzhu Zhang, acted as guides in today’s tour.

Our first destination was the Olympic park, which was built for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The national stadium,

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Tian-An-Men Square and the Temple of Heaven

Author: Emily Lake

We started our day walking along the 12-lane Chang’an Avenue and stopped in front of the Gate of Heavenly Peace. It was a Chinese holiday weekend, so we shuffled through masses of sightseers and policemen. It was clear that this landmark was of great significance for both Chinese nationalists and foreigners. The

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Summer Palace

Author: Steven Brown

We began our day early with a walk along the tree-lined streets of the beautiful Tsinghua university campus. The rising sun lit up the foliage and revealed clear blue skies that persisted throughout our day trip. Just two subway stops beyond the university’s west gate and down a few bustling Beijing streets,

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