Commercial Development


H3D, Inc. is a 2011 spin-off from the Orion Research Group.  This growing company is commercializing CZT-­based radiation-­imaging technologies for defense & homeland security, nuclear power, and medical applications. The work pioneered by the Orion Research Group is making an impact in the real world!

H3D’s principal product, Polaris-­H, is a portable gamma-­ray-imaging spectrometer designed for operation in nuclear power plants. H3D has sold units to nuclear power plants and other entities in seven countries on three continents. More information about this product and its applications can be found on H3D, Inc.’s website.


H3D also conducts sponsored research for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Department of Energy and has sold custom products to NASA, the University of Maryland, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

With several former Orion Research Group members, the H3D team is passionate about pushing the Orion Research Group’s technology into advanced real-world applications, expanding the role of room-temperature-semiconductor detectors and gamma imaging, and creating the world’s best radiation detectors.