Christopher Wahl



Christopher Wahl

Graduate student



Graduated with Ph.D.

Chris’s research focuses on the image reconstruction, software design, and automated-detection algorithms that support Polaris.  In image reconstruction, he develops variations of algorithms from other fields and implements them for the system, and generalizes algorithms previously used for Compton imaging to the Polaris array system. These algorithms help to extract useful information from the detector’s data stream.  Chris also tests and applies algorithms that will allow the system to automatically detect, identify, localize, and characterize hidden threat sources in real time.  A significant portion of his research involves developing a software package that implements these algorithms for arbitrary geometries on parallel processors.


Masters of Science in Nuclear Science, University of Michigan, 2008

Bachelors of Art in Physics, SUNY Geneseo, 2006

Internships and Jobs

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Summer 2005 and Summer 2006

Radioactivity Group