Willy Kaye



Willy Kaye

Graduate student

E-mail: wkaye@umich.edu


Graduated with Ph.D.

In his fifth year of graduate  study, Willy’s research focused on determining  the most likely energy deposited and the position for each gamma-ray interaction in a 3D position-sensitive detector.  He has taken measurements primarily with the “analog” ASIC system from Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) coupled to large volume (6cm^3) pixellated CdZnTe crystals.  Two dimensions of position sensitivity are determined based on which pixels collect charge.  The third dimension of position sensitivity, known as the depth of interaction, can be measured based on the electron drift time or from the ratio of the cathode to the anode signal.  Willy has worked to improve the depth of interaction reconstruction, identifying and resolving timing signal crosstalk between side-neighboring pixels.

Willy has also worked extensively on the Polaris array system.  He worked on the assembly and calibration of the first Polaris system ever built.  The multiple pixel event performance was significantly improved, and the non-linearity reduced, by the calibration of a problem in the peak-hold circuit of the GM-I ASIC.  Ultimately, the Polaris system was successfully delivered and operated for three months in Nevada.


Bachelors of Science in Nuclear Engineering, Oregon State University, 2006

Internships and Jobs

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Radiation Detection and Nuclear Sciences Group, Summer 2006 – Summer 2008